Order: HowMoneyWorks for Women: Take Control or Lose It

Order: HowMoneyWorks for Women: Take Control or Lose It

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Women need a book about money. Here's why...

The rules about money are the same regardless of your gender. The basic financial concepts and 7 Money Milestones are exactly the same. Many women, though, find themselves in different financial situations–living paycheck to paycheck, taking care of children or aging parents, starting over after becoming divorced or widowed, or stretching limited resources for a longer lifespan. We wrote this book to empower women to embrace whatever situation they encounter and make the decision to Take Control of their Money!

A Visually-Rich Book Filled With Character

This book is about how women can take control of their finances through the eyes of, and the situations faced by, a cast of nine characters. The fictional characters represent women at different stages of life. Readers can identify with our cast of charactsrs as they discuss specific challenges, new opportunities, and the decisions they need to make. Each scenario offers practical insight to readers on topics such as college debt, new careers, caring for children with special needs, becoming single after marriage, managing social security benefits, retirement, taking over family finances after the death of a spouse, and many more. The book brings all this to life in full color, visually rich content you can breeze through in about an hour and use for the rest of your life.

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